Crowdfunding 2.0 March 11, 2023
The New Frontier of Fundraising Thanks to Blockchain Technology


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Crowdfunding 2.0 represents the new frontier of fundraising, thanks to blockchain technology.

This innovative technology allows financial transactions to be carried out securely, quickly, and transparently, making crowdfunding 2.0 an ideal choice for funding your project or business.

How does crowdfunding 2.0 work?
Thanks to smart contracts, financial transactions are managed impeccably and automatically regulated between participants, preventing possible disputes.

Additionally, the use of cryptocurrencies makes payments more secure and convenient compared to traditional payment methods. Blockchain technology guarantees maximum transparency, enabling all transactions to be securely and reliably tracked and verified.

Why choose crowdfunding 2.0?
Crowdfunding 2.0 offers an innovative and secure method for funding your project or business. Thanks to blockchain technology, you can enjoy fast, secure, and transparent transactions, ensuring maximum reliability and safety.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover how crowdfunding 2.0 can help you finance your project in an innovative and secure way. Choose the new frontier of fundraising and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by blockchain technology to achieve your financial goals.

The problem

Crowdfunding 2.0: Innovative and Secure Funding Based on Blockchain Technology

Crowdfunding 2.0 represents a revolution in the world of finance, thanks to blockchain technology. By using smart contracts, crowdfunding 2.0 automatically regulates the flow of money between participants in crowdfunding, eliminating the risk of fraud and disputes and ensuring reliable and transparent transaction management.

Additionally, the use of cryptocurrencies makes transactions more secure, fast, and convenient compared to traditional payment methods. Blockchain technology enables all transactions to be tracked and verified, ensuring maximum transparency and ensuring that funds are exclusively allocated to the project.

Crowdfunding 2.0: The New Frontier of Financing
According to a report by, the global blockchain-based crowdfunding market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 76.8% from 2021 to 2028, reaching a value of $28.8 billion. Additionally, the use of blockchain-based crowdfunding is on the rise, as demonstrated by a study by Allied Market Research, which records a 5.5% increase from 2020 to 2027. Crowdfunding 2.0 is particularly advantageous for SMEs and startups, as it offers the opportunity to reach a wide base of financiers and collect funds quickly and inexpensively. In 2020, crowdfunding raised $13.9 billion worldwide, as reported by Statista.

Achieve Your Goals with Crowdfunding 2.0
Companies such as ShipChain, Unikrn, CryptoABS, and Nexo have shown that crowdfunding 2.0 can be an effective funding option for innovative and successful projects. Thanks to the security, transparency, and convenience offered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding 2.0 is becoming increasingly popular among investors and entrepreneurs.

Our solution

Crowdfunding 2.0: The Turning Point for the Financing Industry

Crowdfunding 2.0 represents a significant breakthrough for the financing industry, thanks to the use of blockchain technology. This form of financing offers numerous advantages over traditional crowdfunding, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking an innovative solution to fund their projects.

Smart Contracts: The Solution for Eliminating Fraud and Disputes
Crowdfunding 2.0 utilizes Smart Contracts, self-executing digital contracts, to automatically regulate the flow of money between crowdfunding participants, eliminating the risk of fraud and disputes. Additionally, Crowdfunding 2.0 uses cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, making transactions more secure, fast, and convenient compared to traditional payment methods.

Blockchain Technology Ensures Transparency and Security
Blockchain technology allows tracking and verification of all transactions, guaranteeing maximum transparency and eliminating any ambiguity. This increased transparency and security makes Crowdfunding 2.0 an interesting option for businesses that want to provide their investors with maximum protection and reliability.

Accessibility to Financing Thanks to Crowdfunding 2.0
Crowdfunding 2.0 offers an alternative to traditional financing methods, making it easier and faster for businesses to reach a broad base of financiers. This increased accessibility to sources of financing allows businesses to fund their projects more quickly and effectively, avoiding the bureaucracy often associated with traditional financing methods.

Crowdfunding 2.0 as an Innovative and Secure Solution
In summary, Crowdfunding 2.0 offers businesses an innovative and secure solution to fund their projects, thanks to its ability to guarantee the security, transparency, and convenience of transactions. Crowdfunding 2.0 is an ideal choice for businesses that want to take advantage of the potential of blockchain technology and offer their investors maximum protection and reliability.

Service features

Consultancy, Research, and Development Service for Crowdfunding 2.0

Using Blockchain Technology
Our consultancy, research, and development service offer an innovative and comprehensive approach to Crowdfunding 2.0, using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to fund our clients’ projects safely, quickly, and conveniently.

Crowdfunding Campaign Planning
We plan the crowdfunding campaign, defining funding goals, timing, and marketing strategies to reach a broad base of financiers and ensure the project’s success.

Identification of the Best Financing Opportunities
Our research and development experts identify the best financing opportunities for your project, offering comprehensive support in managing transactions and verifying funds raised, to achieve the maximum funding possible.

Continuous Monitoring of Transactions on the Blockchain
We offer continuous monitoring of transactions on the blockchain, ensuring maximum transparency and security during the project financing process.

Dispute Resolution
Our consultancy team is always available to resolve any disputes or controversies that may arise, offering comprehensive support in problem resolution.

Advanced Consultancy, Research, and Development Service for Crowdfunding 2.0
Our advanced consultancy, research, and development service for Crowdfunding 2.0 ensure a safe and transparent management of transactions, offering our clients a reliable solution to fund their projects quickly and effectively. By using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we offer a cutting-edge solution for crowdfunding.

Service benefits

Asset tokenization: a beneficial option for businesses, SMEs, and startups

Asset tokenization represents a beneficial option for businesses, SMEs, and startups. Thanks to the possibility of purchasing tokens on exchange platforms, companies can reach a vast base of global investors, thus increasing funding opportunities.

Advantages of tokenization 2.0
Tokenization offers several advantages over traditional assets. In particular, the blockchain technology used in tokenization allows for greater efficiency, eliminating intermediary and transaction costs, and the ability to fractionate asset ownership into smaller units. Tokenization 2.0 also offers greater liquidity and transparency, facilitating token exchange at lower costs than other traditional assets.

Tokenization as an alternative to traditional financing methods
Tokenization offers a cheaper and faster alternative to traditional financing methods, representing a flexible and accessible investment option for a wide range of investors. The issuance of new tokens also allows companies to fund projects or activities without going through the process of issuing stocks or bonds.

Tokenization as a growth and development opportunity for businesses, SMEs, and startups
In summary, asset tokenization offers numerous growth and development opportunities for businesses, SMEs, and startups, ensuring greater liquidity, transparency, efficiency, and flexibility in asset and financing management. Using keywords such as “tokenization,” “companies,” “SMEs,” “startups,” “financing,” and “blockchain” can increase the relevance of the text for searches related to these topics. Using catchy meta descriptions to improve CTR from search engines and including links to reliable and relevant websites to deepen some of the concepts mentioned.

Find out how we can help you

Thanks to our highly customized approach, we focus on understanding your specific needs, analyzing your current processes, assessing technical requirements and implementing blockchain technology.

Our consulting process begins with an in-depth analysis of your specific goals and needs.

We work closely with you to understand your challenges and goals you want to achieve through the adoption of blockchain technology. This allows us to offer you highly personalized advice tailored to your needs.

Second, we analyze your current processes

to understand how blockchain technology can be integrated effectively and efficiently. This phase allows us to identify current strengths and weaknesses and define how blockchain technology can improve these processes.

Thirdly, we evaluate the technical and implementation requirements

necessary for the implementation of the blockchain technology. This phase allows us to identify the most appropriate technological solutions for your specific needs.

Finally, we define an implementation road map

outlining the specific steps required to successfully implement blockchain technology. Our road map takes into account your specific needs, identified technological solutions and implementation requirements. 

As blockchain experts, we are happy to offer you a free 20-minute consultation to assess the feasibility of adopting blockchain technology within your industry.

During the fact-finding call, you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific needs, your goals and the challenges you are facing. We will also show you how we can help you successfully implement blockchain technology in your business.

We are convinced that blockchain technology can be of great help to your sector and we are ready to offer you our experience and expertise to ensure the success of your company.

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your business with the adoption of blockchain technology. 

Book a free consultation
Asset tokenization: growth and development opportunity for businesses

Asset tokenization represents a growth and development opportunity for businesses, thanks to the possibility of reaching a vast global market and offering greater liquidity and transparency.

Free asset tokenization consultation
To help entrepreneurs understand these opportunities, we offer a free 20-minute consultation with our consulting, research, and development experts.

Advantages of asset tokenization
During the call, our experts will illustrate how tokenization can ensure greater efficiency, eliminate intermediary and transaction costs, and offer greater flexibility in asset and financing management.

Personalized business advice
Additionally, they will provide personalized business advice, helping to define a tokenization strategy suitable for the client’s needs.

Innovative and cost-effective solution for businesses
Tokenization represents an innovative and cost-effective solution for businesses seeking new growth and development opportunities.

Asking is legitimate, providing answers is our duty
  • We are versatile: we offer customized solutions as well as platforms as a service
  • We are smart: we start all processes with a lean design and end with an efficient implementation, without ever taking our eyes off the constant evolution of DLT technologies
  • We are multidisciplinary experts: we combine undisputed technological expertise with knowledge of business processes, market studies and business development.

Blockchain Pro was born with a specific mission: to offer automated & customizable solutions that support multiple sectors, ensuring quality and scalability, generating economic value at the service of a company that prefers ethics and reliability. BlockchainPro is a responsible disseminator of a new culture that allows companies to innovate easily.

  • More reliability: A blockchain cannot be shut down or stopped. Data, information and documents are shared in real time. The decentralization and mathematical algorithms that regulate the functioning of the blockchain prevent their removal, replacement and subsequent modification. The system has a degree of transparency and reliability never seen before.
  • More security: In blockchain every operation is visible and traceable. Instead of having a central server, transactions are recorded simultaneously on thousands of independent nodes, distributed around the world. Each of them holds an identical copy of the record. If one of the nodes were violated or subjected to external manipulation, it would be excluded because its registry copy would be inconsistent with the others. Access to the registry is regulated by double public/private key encryption, impossible to guess.
  • More efficiency: The data shared via blockchain is available and usable in real time. Sending, checks and reconciliation procedures are avoided. Smart contracts automate many operations making them much faster, cheaper and less prone to errors.

Our consulting process involves a detailed analysis of objectives and needs, working closely with the client. We analyze current processes, identifying strengths and weaknesses and evaluating how to effectively integrate the blockchain. We evaluate the technical and implementation requirements, identifying appropriate solutions, and define an implementation road map taking into account specific needs, technological solutions and implementation requirements.